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Guess he's still working on getting results.
I took 375 to get the work started, with more to follow as needed, per agreement with the client.Your previous correspondence to me was dated free skype credit voucher codes 2014 9/24/14, in reference to the extensive aid highly detailed and potato chip flavor contest 2016 dated "facts" letter, I sent dated 9/11/14 to your office about this attorney.I feel I definitely did not get my attorneys worth.He was supposed to get me a copy of my fathers Living Trust, and other paperwork.After he charged me 375.00 and agreed to a reduced price of 500.00 tp really "legally" see where we were "legally" and I have all this on digital tape recorder with a witness listening.Consumer Response: I'm enclosing a copy of your 10/18/14 letter to me, In regards to the written rebuttal you received from my previous attorney.That time alone far exceeds the 375 he invested (and this does not yet count the many hours I spent dealing with his constant aggressive and insulting letters during our "breakup" phase).I clearly told the client via phone and email that I was not about extorting money from people by filing questionable lawsuits on shaky grounds.Except he wrote one letter-WOW!Almost immediately the client slammed me with letter after letter containing ideas about winning money based ON ideaad already warned hiould NOT pursue unless AND until MY investigation showed they were ethically AND legally sound.
I felt bad for the client, and as is my custom on occasion I agreed to help out at a very reduced fee.
Let them know you are a student at the Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute.
I wasn't married to this guy!I told the client that I would investigate the situation to see where his case stood legally; if he had a case I would pursue it for him, if not, I would not.All it cost me thus far is my time and postage!The remaining part of his letter eluding to character assassination.I'm a semi retired.00an hour auto technician.