pokemon contest moves beauty

VI 1 0 Effectiveness varies depending on when it is used.
Attack Category Appeal Jam Description First Turn Hail Beauty 1 3 Badly startles those that have made appeals.Thunder Shock Cool 4 0 No additional effects.Psybeam Beauty 3 0 Scrambles the order of appeals on the next turn.Grudge Tough 4 4 Cannot participate in the next turn.The two moves combine to give Leafeon beautiful bluish-white wings.For a detailed description of a move's Contest effect, see its article.Attack Category Appeal Jam Description First Turn Play Nice Cute 1 0 Total appeal will vary based on the excitement level in the hall.Follow Up Sand Attack Cute 3 0 Interrupts any combos that were begun that turn, preventing them from being completed on the next turn.
Snore Cute 4 0 Decreases audience excitement even more than usual if gap factory free shipping coupon it does not match the contest condition.
The combination was used by Dawn during her battle against Ursula in the final of the Daybreak Contest in Playing the Performance Encore!
Sweet Kiss Cute 2 0 Makes all Pokémon after the user nervous.Crush Claw Cool 1 4 Badly startles the Pokémon in front.Attack Category Appeal Jam Description First Turn Rest Cute 2 0 Can avoid being startled by others once.Smack Down Tough 2 1 Causes any contestants that began a combo that turn to lose 5 hearts.The combination was first attempted by Dawn in A Stand-Up Sit-Down!