pokemon emerald contest locations

Contest FAQ How do I enter a contest for the first time?
Q: What are bitter items?
Hey, you didn't even say what these things do!You can know accurately when the results come out at the end of the contest.Item: Nugget Where found: Routes 112, 120, other routes and attached to Grimer h&m 5 voucher for bag of clothes (rare) Cost?Route middle of Slateport and Mauville Cities.Talk to the guy after you find at least one Shard.Item: Full Restore Where found: Pokemon League Pokemart Cost: 3000 Pokedollars Description: Heals one Pokemon's HP and status ailments.It is very simple to insert and make Gameshark codes work on VBA Emulator.So how do I get their picture painted?Description: Can be traded for a Leaf Stone Item: Guard Spec.Q: What does Need Help!
If you see toms shoes discount code uk that, that means you repeated a move.
Crowd Excitement sainsbury's delivery promotional codes adds on to the number of hearts you have.If you want to sell a berry, the shopkeepers will buy them for only 5 Pokedollars each, so it's not worth it, unless you are short on Pokedollars.Description: Ditto's Defense raised by 50 Item: Miracle Seed Where found: Cost?Sweet(Cute) - Timid, Hasty, Jolly, Nave.Q: Where do you get Deoxys in this game?Item: Super Repel Where found: Pokemarts Cost: 700 Pokedollars Description: No wild Pokemon encounters for 200 steps.Item: Shadow Mail Where found: Sootopoils City, Trick House 3rd Maze Cost?Key Items in Emerald: Item: Acro Bike Where found: Rydel's Cycles in Mauville City Description: Travels.5 faster than walking on tall grass, also capable of some tricks Item: Aurora Ticket Where found: Mystery Gift at Nintendo Description: Allows you to go to Birth Island.