pokemon soul silver how to enter bug catching contest

If your pokemon faints then the contest is over.
Johto 's, national Park.
The First Prize can vary but the second and third and last prizes are always set.
You'll then be judged based on how well your caught Pokemon ranks in comparison to other Trainers' Pokemon.Paras Lv10-17, venonat Lv10-16, butterfree Lv12-15, beedrill Lv12-15.The game ends as soon as you either run out of Sport Balls (you theater gift certificates washington dc start with 20 20 minutes pass, you choose to retire, you leave the Bug Catching Contest, or you are knocked out (careful this disqualifies you!).Grass Morning and Day (SS pidgey, grass During Morning and Day.Once you catch one you can quit or try and catch another to replace the one you caught first.Depending on the pokemon you caught you can win prizes and keep the pokemon you caught.It's best to pick a Pokemon that can withstand a few hits, but also one that isn't going to be knocking out the opponent.
During the competition, Casey caught a Weedle, and her.
You can only keep one, but all pokemon caught are recorded in your pokedex.Anyone may enter once per day on the days which the contest is held.You can only hold one caught Pokemon at a time, but you can freely switch whenever you catch a new one if the new one looks vera bradley coupon codes july 2015 any better.Chikorita evolved into a Bayleef.The pokemon are a bit different from the regular obtainable pokemon too.Pokédex, but only one Pokémon can be kept to judge.