protective sweep prior to search warrant

The agents through consent searched Medina's vehicle and found over 370,000 in cash.
The court held that the agents had probable cause to believe drugs were in the apartment.
Police may perform a pat-down of michaels online coupon code 2015 your outer clothing, in what is called a "stop and frisk" situation, as long as they reasonably believe that you may be concealing a weapon and they fear for their safety.
Example : If the police drive past your house on a regular patrol of the neighborhood and see you, in your open garage, with ten cases of dynamite and a blowtorch, they may search your garage without a warrant.Chaves, 169.3d 687 (11 Cir.1999)-Officers cannot justify conducting a protective sweep for officer safety after waiting 45 minutes from the time of arrest before conducting the sweep.2014)-The Court held that police cannot conduct a protective sweep under.Reasonable suspicion is required to sweep beyond this limited area.325 (1990)-Police entered Buie's home to serve an arrest warrant boots photo voucher codes 2017 for armed robbery.Protective Sweep-A quick and limited search of premises to protect the safety of the police officers or others on the scene.Because of this, it's important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side as early in the process as possible.
Torres-Castro, 470.3d 992 (10th Cir., 2006)- Following.
Consent must be freely and voluntarily given, and you cannot be coerced or tricked into giving.927, 931 (10th Cir.2005) We have twice found that a protective sweep may only be performed incident to an arrest.To prove that a search is "reasonable the police must generally show that it is more likely than not that a crime has occurred, and that if a search is conducted it is probable that they will find either stolen goods or evidence of the.This is called probable cause.The Circuit Court held that a threat of accomplices launching a surprise attack from within the home is a valid officer safety concern.The police did a protective sweep of the basement for officer's safety.Unless they have a reasonable suspicion that you are involved in a criminal activity, the police may not " stop and frisk " you.Once a warrant is obtained, the police may enter onto the specified area of the property and search for the items listed on the warrant.Police may search without a warrant if they reasonably fear for their safety or for the public's safety.