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Webpage Social media Newsletters and h&m discounts online mailings Pass through benefits Use of venue Paid media Traditional media Employee benefits The answers to every one of these questions becomes an asset and then becomes an activation idea.
Check out this cool infographic to help.
Letting them come to your event, sending some eblasts, running a contest and giving them a speaking opportunity is activation.When we do prospecting for clients, we have to limit ourselves to 300 prospects.When do you plan to buy winning eleven free download full version pc a house or move?This is not a suggestion to create a gold, beer store gift certificate balance silver, bronze package.Remember to provide assets to your sponsors so that this activation opportunity can be shared throughout various marketing channels relevant to the target audience that the sponsor is looking to reach.Property building is the first step in the valuation process.Simply look at your audience data, the results from your sponsorship survey questions and look at all of the things they are likely to purchase.
Spend only 5 minutes on this and thennobody is allowed to say the word logo again.The less you know about your audience, the less likely a sponsor is to trust that you can deliver on your promises to get your audience to take a specific action.We get more questions about this subject than any other topic on sponsorship.You are looking for answers to the following questions which you can ask in your next sponsorship survey: Who do you bank with?The next part of the sponsorship valuation process is where art and science come together.