rebates for new windows in ontario

To date, the province has held four auctions, which have generated more than.9 billion in proceeds, Ballard said.
The rebates will be offered through nasa kennedy space center discount tickets the Green Ontario Fund, the non-profit provincial agency funded by money from the province's cap-and-trade program."If you've got a cold second floor or extension that just never warms up, then the Green Ontario Fund is here to help Ballard told reporters.Up to 5,800 off Energy Star-certified air source heat pumps, or pumps that meet program requirements.This is especially true to help us make the move to newer technologies and/or to high-efficiency products.The province will offer thousands of dollars car wash voucher brisbane in rebates for homeowners who opt for energy-efficient renovations, including windows and insulation, the Ontario government said Wednesday.Sectorresidential or commercial/Institutional, key wordfor example, a type of product, a type of technology or a city.Under the province's cap-and-trade program, businesses that exceed the province's cap on greenhouse gas emissions must either buy allowances from the market at auction, or from companies that have kept their emissions below the cap.
Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Chris Ballard and Parminder Sandhu, chair of the Green Ontario Fund, announced the new measures at the MaRS manitoba hydro rates comparison Discovery District Wednesday morning.
In Ontario, buildings generate nearly a quarter of greenhouse gas pollution, Ballard said Wednesday.
The announcement was well-timed, happening on a day that the temperature dipped well below zero.In addition to the rebates, Ballard also announced the creation.GreenON Support, a phone line that homeowners can call to get advice on what projects and rebates might be best for their home.Up to 7,200 off new insulation, and a 100 rebate for air sealing.Homeowners and tenants could also be eligible for a 100 smart thermostat rebate.Consumer education is very important and, sometimes, cost incentives add a needed boost to purchase decisions.The older your home, the more money is leaking out through heat, through cold.