remaining contestants on the voice 2015

Emily Ann Roberts, Why Not.
If a Contestant correctly answers a question with a non-cash prize attached, the Contestant will receive the non-cash prize in addition to advancing through the Game.
Individuals who do receive a passing score will continue with an audition digilent contest interview.
If all team members receive a passing score on the written test and all receive a passing score on the audition interview, the team will be placed into the team Contestant Pool.Publicity : All Contestants and Potential Contestants understand and agree that all publicity in connection with the Program is under the sole control of Producer.I know, I know Ive been Team Jeffery since #SheFani (ugh) wasnt even a hashtag, but the numbers dont lie.Qualifying calls will be made to the phone number provided during the audition process.Standard Game All Contestants and their Plus One companions who are assigned the same Tape Date will travel to Las Vegas, NV at their own expense, to participate in episode(s) taped on that particular Tape Date.Food Innovation Group: Bon Appetit and Epicurious.Residents of WA and VT teefury voucher code may omit return postage.
Team Adam: Jordan Smith, Who You Are.
Questions five or ten in which case only the relevant Safety Net level will be doubled.
Based on the scheduling of Tape Dates, any Holdover Contestants and Unplayed Contestants and their respective Plus One companions may be required to remain available to return to the studio on the next available date that a standard Program will be taped.If any Contestant arrives without an eligible Plus One companion or that Contestants Plus One companion refuses to sign the required releases, the Contestant will not play the Game on that Tape Date, but will be put back into the Contestant Pool and remain eligible.Each person who requests ticket(s) and audition(s) online will receive their tickets and audition instructions via email.Miley Cyrus is the final coach to take whittle her team of six down to three in preparation for the live shows, and it it's a complicated process for the singer and coach because her group of six were very strong.The Plus One companion may only be one person, identified by the Contestant upon arrival at the studio on his/her Tape Date.