rf sweep generator schematic

The negative supply is used as a reference voltage at many points on the sweep generator board ( Figure 3 ).
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Similarly, the dot can be stopped at the -3 dB point (bandwidth) or any unusual aberrations for marking frequency.
This produces a slow moving dot across the CRT screen that can be stopped at any point by operation.A ferrite bead (FB1) is added to this line to insure no RF is present.The counter is not the usual arduino way using the frequency.You can build this generator exactly as described or add bands (two vacant switch positions are still available delete bands, or even hopscotch bands that suit your particular interests.The new design breaks up the 180 MHz sweep into many one octave bands that offer satisfactory stability and tuning sensitivity to pick out any band of sweep in facility bank frequency and hone in on it precisely.The pCBs were to wobbely and it took to much space.The diode in the integrator takes a small but noticeable time to charge the capacitor.These chips have a pinout for external LC components tied to the oscillator section, but just beg for varactor tuning in place of a fixed capacitance.In actual testing, impedance matching will insure accurate results, but if the input and output to the device under test (DUT) have adequate isolation then a decent test can be accomplished.
Quite a bit of amplification was necessary to make up for the losses.
The box that holds all filters and VCOs.
This one checked out with a worst case error.So, there you have.It alway worked great.To much space ande instable mounting.For starters, I would like to emphasize that this is a low budget generator not a 10,000 Agilent model so a lot of concessions had to be made.When the Set Sweep switch is flipped back to its sweep position, the ramps peak will always equal that DC set point and consequently sweep the frequency to that exact setting.However, JF1OZL's unit is far simpler to build, it took me only 2 hours to hack together my copy.It ran without problems from but not within the range of the varicap.dead bug vackar, de grote spoel is de RFC.