rupaul's drag race season 2 episode 5

Jinkx Monsoon was the first season winner to not win a main challenge within the first three weeks of competition, winning her first challenge during week.
As this season's winner, Jinkx Monsoon walked away with the title of ".The contestant was one of the worst but did not place in the bottom two.Guest Judges : Chaz Bono and Travis Wall Mini-Challenge : Soul Train tax return mileage calculator dance-off Mini-Challenge Winners : Jinkx Monsoon and Coco Montrese Mini-Challenge Winners Advantage : Become team captains and select team members Main Challenge : Divide into two teams each tasked with performing a different.Guest star Gloria Allred was there to help out the queens with their cases.After a stellar performance by both queens, Roxxxy Andrews broke into tears before RuPaul could reveal her decision, saying that being in the bottom two made some bad childhood memories resurface, and that she always felt not good enough.Penny Tration and Serena ChaCha end up as the bottom two and lip synch for their lives to 'Party in the.S.A.'.March 4, RuPaul Roast March 11, Scent of a Drag Queen March 18, Drama Queens April 1, Super Troopers April 8, Sugar Ball April 15, The Final Three, Hunty April 22, Countdown to the Crown April 29, Reunited!In her interview, she stated that she did this because of Alyssa's dancing abilities.Alyssa Edwards was criticized for grabbing the microphone too much and for her prom-looking dress.For this week's mini-challenge, the queens had to make a puppet of their own peers and made a "bitch fest of which Alaska was declared the winner.Detox was criticized for using the "f-word" too often but was praised for having a sparkle in her eyes during her performance.
Roxxxy Andrews and Jinkx Monsoon were also among the queens who received good critiques.Plus, both "America's Next Drag Superstar" and "Miss Congeniality" are crowned.Within the top three, Alaska was praised for being hilarious despite her voice not being Lady Bunny and Roxxxy was praised for both her impersonation and runway look.Jinkx Monsoon and Detox ended up in the bottom two.The 6 two teams are critiqued, with Alyssa, Coco, Jade, and Jinkx receiving the most positive critiques for both their individual performances in the challenge, as well as their runway presentations.The contestant placed in the bottom two but was not eliminated.