russian twerking competition

Winner: The top spot on Thursday night - worth 200 - was awarded to a deals dollar store norwalk ct 19-year-old from Tottenham, East London who goes by the stage name of Mizz Versatile.
I cant say that Ive ever really thought of Russia as a vacation destination before (no matter how many hot models they seem to send our way).Wobble AND bounce: HOW TO twerk.'There are ways when you just kind of curl your knees in and your bum will shake, some girls can pop each cheek to the rhythm.Mizz Versatile and Jelly Melly won joint second place at how to activate itunes gift card on ipod touch this year's competition to sweep away перевод and shared 200 in prize money.Next is the 'jiggle and pop round' - formerly known as the jelly round - during which competitors have to shake their behinds without moving their feet.' 'It's very technical Mr Anthony added.
Popular: The event had an 18 age limit and the pumped-up crowd were cheering throughout the night.'We combined balaclavas with crop tops and patterned leggings.Ten of the best twerkers in Britain lined up at Scala nightclub to prove their jiggle and jerking credentials to a sold-out crowd.For a more pronounced twerk, rest the hands on the knees, with the wrists facing out.'They can do whatever they want, they can put choreography together or demonstrate tricks he said.The singer is known for her twerking skills.The top prize was 200 and was scooped by a 20-year-old Londoner.The fourth round, domination, sees the girls 'dominate' a partner with their twerking abilities.The event's organiser said more people were comfortable with the style of dance than ever before.'But because it is actually a dance and requires skill people have embraced.