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They are giving me a credit for the last two months on this contract as well so I am getting the SiriusXM Select plan for.01in total.
First offered me 99 a year, and I said no wasn't worth it, for the little bit I listen.
He gave me the deal after trying to tell me that he couldn't.They would give me the 1-year deal, but only if they kept my credit card on file-so I had to back off to the 5-month version.Sirius XM Satellite Radio also sells subscriptions to Sirius service on its website at m/3005.Guest - 2 weeks ago everyone: I called a Sirius XM 855 area code exchange today, to complain about the almost daily calls that I've been receiving on my cell phone, from someone trying to get me to sign up for a Sirius deal.Subscription was up in a few weeks.Step 5, mark your calendar to call them before the next renewal date to get a promotional rate again and again and again!I was able to get him to agree to 99 per year.This year they wanted 287.00 and I negotiated to 120.00 which I think is reasonable Guest - 1 week ago i called today for the 60 deal and it is only avail if leave credit card on file.Tabletop Sirius XM radios, including those with Internet access.You don't get ALL the channels and you can't use the Sirius App.
I was on the phone for less than 10 min.
Off the phone after paying 68 bucks.119 per year - 135 all inclusive.I'm sure they were sitting right next to each other.I am happy to say I renewed for the 60 plus taxes.He said he did not know if I would qualify and checked.Used the online chat and just fun contest ideas for patients asked if I could sign up for the 60/year promo or I would have to cancel.Also mentioned she could offer all access for 120 for 12 months.I chose the 6 months for.00 plus fees.Guest - 1 week ago, just scorer the 12 months for 5/month deal!