slam dunk contest 2007 highlights

J went for his trip from the free throw line!
Last year in Houston, the 5-9 Robinson outlasted Philadelphias.
Also new this year is the use of television instant replay, at the discretion of the referee, for clarification of rules compliance.
Gerald Green had the top three dunks en route to the 2007 title.Did Aaron Gordon deserve to win the contest?Like this blog post?The contest is losing its excitement and giveaways lol unless they start getting the actualy NBA stars back in it, the TV viewership is going to go way down.The 2016 dunk contest is now the standard against which the rest will be measured.I think it would sure make it more fun to watch and would be a whole lot better than the crap they are doing now."We haven't quite figured out what we want to do with it yet Bryant said."I didn't really know that was one of his special dunks Gordon said.Thats why I think the best size is around MJ and Kobes size.
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Here were the 4 participants and why I think they werent the best choices.Actually Shaq and Lebrons dancing was more exciting.They can get up real high, but they tend to look awkward and are also somewhat limited in what they can do mid air.Slam Dunk Contest Highlights to, dunking Tips, return from.Dwight Howard Simply a physical specimen!How about round two or so we get Shaq.