southwest airlines luv voucher extension

I don't know whether LUV vouchers issued for expired TTF ever had a one year validity.
Southwest LUV Vouchers must be redeemed and all travel completed by the expiration date indicated.
City Date Select Alert.Furthermore, @nsx is correct.In my case it took the entire 14 days, and I called Southwest customer relations on the 13th day to inquire as to the status of my voucher.You selected an airport or a date that is not protected under our reaccommodation practices.They disregarded my letter after 30 days and I send another win a free smile makeover 2015 letter giving them 15 business days to respond.In my case I waited over 4 months after my funds expired to submit my extension request.I had to write a letter to their Customer Service each time and request an extension based on the financial hardship.Greetings Consumer Revolutionaries, I presume as many whom have posted their unfavorable complaint lifelock promo code 15 about Southwest Airline refund policy and their LUV Voucher policy on this have another link in the chain.Posts: 2,255, be happy even with the fee increase WN allows re-instatement.
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PayPal account purchases may be combined with Southwest gift cards, Southwest LUV Vouchers, or unused ticketless travel funds.They will request your phone number and email, which will be where they will deliver your Southwest LUV Voucher (processing may take up to 30 days).Assume the voucher has no restrictions on whom it can be used for?He did take a second to mention that the 6 month cut-off is cast in stone.Southwest LUV Vouchers are void if sold, altered, purchased, brokered, and/or bartered.We're not several weeks into July yet, so unless the funds expired before Jan 11th then you were within the 6 month period.