sprite slam dunk contest nba 2k14

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Steve Nash is one day from his 40th birthday and has been struggling with back injuries.
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We'll watch the dunks and vote to pick which guy had the best dunks.In the Battle Round, new mail in sweepstakes each dunker from the Eastern Conference will go head-to-head against a dunker from the Western Conference.The first conference to win three matchups are declared the 2014 Slam Dunk Champions.Does the Battle Round include Battle Bots and/or a rap battle?After each conference has its turn, the judges declare which side "won" and we move on to the Battle Round.I think the Freestyle Round will be pretty cool because it will just be dunk after dunk after dunk.Does that mean we won't have to watch guys try and fail to do the same dunk 48 times in a row?
The participants from the East are Paul George, John Wall and Terrence Ross.So, I guess there's a "winner.".The format for the Slam Dunk Contest has changed, as you might have heard.The judges will pick winners for each head-to-head matchup, and when a dunker loses a matchup, they're eliminated.To that, I say hogwash!Ultra Space Now Explorable In Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon.After the judges decide which conference wins the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, fans hsn discount promo code will have a chance to vote for the "Dunker of the Night." This sounds more like the format that fans know.Yes, there will be multiple champions.One could say that Joe Johnson doesn't deserve to be in the 2014 All-Star Game.Here are three ways the quiet and probably-undeserving Nets shooting guard can steal the show in New Orleans.