ssb contest

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Feb 2015 Final Results are Now Available!
Methods of log submission in order of preference are:.
Please contact us!59 PJ9B 1995 multi-multi 33,279,744 13, WA3LRO N3ED K1DG K3E.5 D4C 2013 multi-multi 59,424,324 19,.0 I4UFH IZ4DPV IK1HJS.Serial numbers must begin with serial number one and be sequential thereafter.The SSB Sprint Committee is working hard to make sure that all 50 States and as many Canadian Provinces and NA DX countries are active.6 PJ4B 1999 multi-multi 59,127,810 20,.0 K1DG K1XX K2SS K3EST.The Final Results are now posted on the.If possible, name the file callsign.DC and All 14 Canadian Provinces Territories now Mults!41 HK1NA 2012 multi-multi 36,147,240 15,.8 HK1R HK1T HK1W HK1X.Effective immediately: DC will be a separate multiplier and no longer included as part of the Maryland multiplier.
Exchange : To have a valid exchange, you must send all of the following information: The other stations call sign, your call sign, your serial number, your name and your location (US State, Canadian Province/Territory or Country.Penalties and Disqualification : Contacts with incorrect received information will be removed.25 IH9P 2000 multi-multi 41,762,574 16,.0 IT9WPO IT9BLB W7ZB.CN8WW 1999, multi-multi 73,194,876 22,.0, dJ5IW DK2OY DK5WL.Please see our SSB Sprint Logging Software page for the latest information. Submit your log normally, and we will fix your score, if your logging software does not handle.Planned Activity page is ready to go!As, the Daily DX reported on October 30, some Top 10 operations from outside the US racked up claimed scores topping 30 million points.