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Dan recommends a 184-calorie Chicken and Bacon Salad, left) or a pot of 194-calorie Oats for breakfast (right).
The 9-grain wheat 6-inch is the pittman davis promo code bread to opt for.
Do not berate the staff member because they do not have an item you want.
They can make your lunch very unpleasant.What kind of hams are there?Lunch: Tuna Crunch Baguette, tuna is high in protein so it's a good option and if you want to save a few carbs and calories, take half of the bread away.And now Subway has released their first ever Christmas sandwich.Do not just say the white cheese as almost all Subway cheese varieties are white.Dan said: 'First glance at a fast food menu and you would expect them to be packed with calories and full of fat - a big no if you're watching what you eat.
Drink: Coke Zero, a no calorie drink.
It's low in calories and the nutritional value is good.Lunch: Butterfly Chicken with sweet potato mash and chargrilled veg, or Classic Chicken Pitta with a side salad.Drink: Coke Zero, black coffee or water.Which subs qualify as "classic" subs, (as my coupon is for "classic" subs)?If you have a friend, a foot-long can easily be split in two to save money.Also, you can ask for water and they will provide you with a free cup.If you have a question, ask them before you use.