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Contents show Background Edit Old Pearson TV Intro Edit Recklessly guiding your shopping cart through the costco online deals september 2015 aisles of your local supermarket may not check for my tax refund win the approval of your fellow shoppers, but in supermarket sweep, it's not only encouraged but required!
For the Bonus Sweep, the clues shared a common theme.Checkstand Headlines Answering questions about a famous person or event that was read about in checkstand tabloids.The team with the highest grand total, including bonuses from the question round, wins their Sweep total in cash and the right to play for 5,000 in the Bonus Sweep.They are given a clue to the first product, which is marked with the show's logo, after which the time starts." Cruise Week " - Similar to the "Cruise to Paradise" week, except no Bonus Sweep was played throughout the entire week.We had to hang lights, set up bleachers runtastic promotion code 2014 for the audience, and have all those cameras, and.
Fruit Fantasy - Putting certain quantities of lemons, apples, oranges, and grapefruits into a fruit basket, to be picked up in the market's produce section.Stack Job (Value: 100, 1) - Runners have to find one of three bags filled with empty soda cans that are spread throughout the market and return the bag to their partner.Runners have to find the product and take the bonus envelope that is located next.Sweep Swipe or Market Madness (Value: 200250) - A limited supply of items (two cases of candy, five boxes of detergent, etc.) are placed in front of three tables or three stationary shopping carts, one for each of the three teams.Sweep tripled the size of the audience of the show it replaced.