sweep frequency response analysis omicron

Jim White, Shermco Industries, Inc.
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After the catastrophic blackout of August 14, 2003, increasing sensitivity to the interconnectivity and reliability of the Bulk Electric System (BES) has become a major focus of the Federal aafes discount code november 2014 Electric Reliability Commission (ferc).
In polymeric-based cable systems (EPR or xlpe cables) Partial discharges primarily occur along dielectric interfaces and / or impurities in cable accessories, such as cable joints or splices and cable terminations.It has a bandwidth that spans portions of the radio frequency spectrum or the ultrasonic spectrum.Graphically displays the source of failures including crosstalk, return loss and shield faults for faster troubleshooting.Analyze test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare management software.Earn CTDs: 4 Back promo code national express coaches to Top A Primer on MCC Maintenance and Testing Malcom Frederick, Coastal Switchgear and Controls This seminar will guide attendees through the various types of MCC's and starters, both low-and medium-voltage, Illustrate what testing and maintenance activities should be performed.Electrical safety standards as well as electrical maintenance standards discuss the need for owners and workers of electrical equipment to have an understanding of gthe condition of maintenanceh.
To better illustrate the concepts of the tests and the analysis approach, field results from both, ohmic and capacity testing, will be shared with the audience.
The good news is that nfpa 70E has a considerable amount of information concerning risk assessment.The safe and reliable operation of electric motors falls back to the components and systems that start and stop them every day - the motor control center (MCC).Equipment failures result not only in loss of supply and consequent disruption to production but also represent a danger to operational staff in the area.The Fluke Versiv DSX CableAnalyzer / Certifier Series consists of the.This seminar will provide attendees the necessary information to review and improve a battery maintenance program and practices, as well as to obtain the most out of the results to comply with the regulations and guarantee the proper operation of the stationary batteries.It will start by presenting the ieee, neta and nerc requirements and recommendations in relation to maintenance of VLA, vrla, and NiCad batteries as well as its periodicity.Earn CTDs: 4 Back to Top Safety Hazards of Electricity, Shock, Arc, and Blast: An Educational Journey Through Case Studies Jim White, Shermco Industries Everyone is familiar with the three recognized hazards of electricity; shock, arc flash and arc blast.Fluke Networks new Versiv cabling certification system bypasses these barriers and is designed to save you time and money in every phase of the cable testing job.Hfct - High Frequency Sensor Technology - Induced PD Currents.