sweep meaning in bengali

Die in ( ) Let me die in peace.
Appropriate Preposition: Browse all, live by ( ) He game show supermarket sweep lives by honest means.Spur : Different forms.Draw together :.Thesaurus: synonyms and related words, translations of sweep coleman furniture promotion code sth under the carpet.Guilty of ( ) He is guilty of murder.Swept volume :.Despair of ( ) Do not despair of success.Sweep sth under the carpet Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.Blind of ( ) He is blind of one eye.Swept back :.
Swept wing : Synonyms.Bangla Academy Ovidhan swept : Previous, next, english to Bengali Meaning, verb, Related Phrases.Vocabulary Games, learn Ten Words Everyday, learn Grammar.Tags for the entry "swept".Lament for ( ) She lamented for her child.Indebted to ( ; ) I am indebted to him for this help.Read Text, browse Words, word History, favorite Words.Pick up :.N/C, fans, cambridge University Press 2017.Addicted to ( ) He is addicted to separate.