sweep picking right hand motion

The arm is good at making big movements but it's not that good at doing detailed work.
But practice is about getting better and more accurate and I suggest you listen intensely for any lack of synchronisation between your left and right hand.
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It naturally gets very uneven when you do it slow.Once you master Figure 2, try figure 3, which will help you gain left-hand facility across the fingerboard while sweep picking.Notice how I had to change the A-Minor scale to an A-Minor harmonic in order to fit the diminished triad within.And that's alright if it sounds great!So remember these well, and practice them well so you can play them in any position!As you pick the B string, continue rolling the finger to mute the G string.The rolling movement the finger makes while doing this earned this technique the name "finger rolling".This technique is best shown on video or in person, but basically you play the first note of the roll with the tip of the finger, and then bend it backwards fretting the remaining notes of the roll with the soft government incentives on solar power fingerprint. .Plucking the 3rd string, then the 2nd and finally the 1st, with all downstrokes chained together as one smooth "sweeping" stroke over the 3 strings we call this "sweeping" or "sweep picking".
In order to use the sweeping technique, you can only play one note per string.
These guys haven't been surpassed in precision and speed by any other biological or man made tool ever.Don't try to separate the pick strokes!Only, the same finger is never fretting down more than one string at a time: it "rolls" from one string to the next, releasing the string it was fretting down when the next string is plucked.Here's a classic column from the pages.Before we move on, I must stress a very important point that you must always keep in mind while practicing sweep picking.E, b ddownstroke, g uupstroke, d,.