sweeping the membranes success rate

One study found that almost a quarter of the women went into labor on their own after having their membranes swept.
How Is a Membrane Sweep Done?
Membrane sweeping safe but of limited use.
The procedure is not american express platinum cash rebate card costco that complicated though.But if you're past your due date and you don't have a high-risk pregnancy, a membrane sweep might be very effective and safe to help put you into labor naturally.Abstract, background: Sweeping of the membranes, also ticketmaster coupon code canada named stripping of the membranes, is a relatively simple technique usually performed without admission to hospital.It pretty much cuts your chance in half of having what we call a post-term pregnancy or a pregnancy that goes past 42 weeks.With my 3rd baby I was having pre-labour contractions and *knew* I was going into labour.The first thing they will do is to check your cervix for how soft or dilated.The review also found that sweeping can cause discomfort during the procedure, some bleeding and irregular contractions.When women in studies are randomly assigned to have their membranes swept and their membranes are actually swept, they actually receive the procedure, about 9 of them experience their water breaking as a side effect of the procedure.
In some cases, when labor has not started in 36 hours of having a first stretch done, you may have to consider going for another procedure.What are the cons of membrane sweeping?Another con is that most women report that the procedure is either somewhat or very painful.Sweeping the membranes during a cervical examination is done to bring on labour in women at term.For more on natural, or non-pharmacological, induction methods, see our page on complementary therapies and midwifery.Plain language summary, sweeping the membranes is effective in bringing on labour but causes discomfort, some bleeding and irregular contractions.