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Eyewitnesses and cell phone video confirm that Gabby was just swept away.
The most decisive winning margin of the evening.Solutions to problems must be perceived as fair and accepted as such by the populations concerned; otherwise, the sense of resentment and opposition will sweep away agreements reached based on ephemeral considerations.Who'll write what you want - and you'll be swept away like, because Algeria with a civil war of its.Still powerless to eliminate the sources of this wave says If false signals are.Sweeping away the thousands of miscarriages that everyday.The FRAnalyzer (Frequency Response Analyzer) was developed for testing the integrity of power transformers after transportation or occurrence.We wanted to sweep away all of the old rock cliches and stereotypes and the lead guitar solos and long hair and everything. J u s t sweep t h e camera right to left or up and down to shoot.Free online English dictionaries and words translations with transcription, electronic English-Russian vocabularies, encyclopedia, Russian-English handbooks and translation, thesaurus.M m However, when the newly established regional governments in these areas devised new policies, it was decided that those affected by leprosy and their family members should move and their land was g iv e n away t o i nvestors without any compensation.To spend the next few years campaigning for a independent self-regulatory body that will look very much like the commission does now.(idiomatic, transitive) To overwhelm someone emotionally; sweep someone off their feet.Any talk about universal studios annual pass discount orlando the supremacy of one civilization over another foments racist and chauvinistic tendencies which we thought would be swept away in the twenty-first century along with the remnants of colonialist mentalities.Indeed, what they arranged for us was truly impressive, but in contrast to the literally r oy a l sweep, w e felt a warm, friendly and accommodating atmosphere.I sweep away we sweep away 2 Person you sweep away you sweep away 3 Person he/she/it sweeps away they sweep away, present Perfect, i have swept away you have swept away he/she/it has swept away we have swept away you have swept away they.