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At Edina High School, teachers are haranguing students on "White Privilege and drilling into them that white males oppress and endanger women.
The Leftist bent of the school district came to public attention after the overwrought reaction by students and teachers to the election results, but the roots of the problem went back several years, to the school's decision to try to close the achievement gap between.
While academic achievement has declined, Leftist indoctrination is on the rise: Today, for example, K-2 students at Edina Highlands Elementary School are learning-through the "Melanin Project"-to focus on skin color costco membership discount for teachers and to think of white skin as cause for guilt.There was a problem saving your notification.And here's where you'll find maps showing school district and election district boundaries.(That link goes to information from December 2016, but I was able to confirm current status through the Oklahoma State Election Board's online voter tool.) So far Keller is the only candidate to file in the district.Public schools are becoming centers for gay, lesbian, and gender-pretender activists and only secondarily fulfilling their purpose as institutions for sound academics.The current conflict of interest playing out in school locker rooms between girls born as girls and the self-acknowledged gender pretender trans-kids is real and it is not funny.
If I were running - and our district isn't up for election this year - here are some of the planks that would be in my platform: Introduce the classical trivium as the philosophy and method of instruction in schools that are currently failing.
Contested elections will occur in Broken Arrow (Theresa Williamson.
On that last point, doing the wise thing will require resisting Federal pressure.A high school literature class describes a course goal in this way: "By the end of the year, you will have.Only three of 17 seats will be contested.A year is a long way off, but now is the time to start thinking and planning to run.Studies have shown that the majority of kids who are gender confused will grow out of it if they are left alone.The laws are being interpreted far beyond the original intent of non-discrimination based on gender to where they protect gender pretenders at the expense of the rights of non-trans kids.