ugliest person contest

The Britten-Norman Trislander, somewhere in the UK, a group of precocious fifth-graders saw pictures of the DC-10.
And may the force be with you.The creatures are typically found mainly off the coast of southeastern Australia and Tasmania.Planes used masterchef new season contestants to look sculpted.(Were reminded of those fantastical flying car ideas of the 1950s.Thats what happens, maybe, when youve taken what was originally conceived as a short-haul regional plane and stretched and tweaked and pushed the thing into roles it was never envisioned for.People don't have to buy the ties they donated.Tail of a National Airlines DC-10.Thomas.) But maybe thats.On Father's Day, have an Ugly Tie contest.A bland-looking plane isnt necessarily an ugly one, of course.
True, perhaps, on that latter point, but Im having a hard time with the premise.
The Skyvan, however, is another story.
Obviously this is nothing specific to aviation, but a point that speaks to design in general: do we not care what our bridges and skyscrapers look like, functionality aside?Could you fly on one of these scaled-up childs toys and still feel good about yourself in the morning?The 3-year-old dog, known as Martha, is described as 125 pounds of drooling, snoring, gassy, loud and silly girl, according to her short biography on the contest website.Conventional wisdom skinny pizza raffles place holds this is because they have to be that theres something about aerodynamics and economy that necessitate a certain monotony of design.The person with the most votes (and money in hand) at the end of the day wins the prize.