voucher specimen in herbarium

Key to species of the genus, biological information, ecology, etc.).
If uncertain, please contact an editor about this matter.
Abbreviations of authors of new species should be given (following ipni, not bold and these should be followed by the correct designation (in italics, not bold,.g.A large collection from a single area is used in writing a field guide or manual to aid in the identification of plants that grow there.The largest herbaria in the world, in approximate order of decreasing size, are: Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (P) (Paris, France) New York Botanical Garden (NY) (Bronx, New York, USA) Komarov Botanical Institute (LE) (St.(for subspecies) to prevent confusion with the abbreviation spp.Specimens sooty and sweep puppets for sale WAP: Wetland AssessmentProcedure Wetland Assessment Procedure (WAP Source - Southwest Florida Water Management District, Wetland Assessment Procedure Instruction Manual for Isolated Wetlands (March 2005).A herbarium (plural: herbaria ) is a collection of preserved plant specimens and associated data used for scientific study.Combined Results/Discussion sections are discouraged.Authors are also advised to request registration numbers of deposited sequences in GenBank in advance of the submission of papers to avoid unnecessary delay of publication.Thus the herbarium at the British Museum, which is especially rich in the earlier collections made in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, contains the types of many species founded by the earlier workers in botany.
When preparing illustrations, authors should bear in mind that the journal has a matter size of 25 cm by 17 cm and is printed on A4 paper. .
The citation of floras, revisions and monographs used to identify the collections on which the study is based is strongly encouraged.
Inflorescence corymbose; tepals longer than.Province: Locality, elevation, coordinates, date (day month (in full) year Collector number (herbarium acronym in upper case).Each author will be given a free e-reprint (PDF) for personal use (printing a copy for own use or exchange with other researchers, but not for deposition in a library or on a website/ftp-site for public access).(2001 the latter when there are three or more authors, or alternatively in a parenthesis (Adams 2000, Smith Jones 2000, Jones 2001, Smith.Phytotaxa aims to publish each paper within two months after the acceptance by the editors.Please follow the above guidelines in detail and check if your manuscript has been prepared according to the style and format of the journal. .Exceptions may be discussed with the editor.All - An All search will combine the list of counties to include with a Boolean And.Results The results section should only present the results of the study.