what is the meaning of sweep

To search (a body of water) for mines, etc, by dragging.
( also chimney sweep ) spazzacamino.( move impressively ) person to sweep into myprotein promo code india room faire irruption dans She swept into the conference room Elle fit irruption dans la salle de conférence.Times, Sunday Times (2010)Yes, it is very early to be making sweeping assessments but these were worrying signs.( search ) ( for criminals, drugs ) batida f, rastreo m to make a sweep: they made a sweep for hidden arms dieron una batida or hicieron un rastreo buscando armas ocultas to make a sweep of sth ( with binoculars, torch ) hacer.( lash ) storm, rain, waves azotar, barrer torrential storms swept the country tormentas torrenciales azotaron or barrieron el país the beach was swept by great waves olas gigantescas azotaron or barrieron la playa.5.These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.Contribute to our Open Dictionary 1 intransitive/transitive to clean a floor, the ground, or another surface using a broom ( brush with a long handle synonyms and related words.VI ADV see sweep B4 sweep up sweep swip n (with brush) coup m de balai The floor could do with a sweep Un coup de balai par terre ne serait pas du luxe.Handbags: The More You Pay, The Smaller They Shrink.To move swiftly or in a proud manner.( fig ) objections protest, suggestion desechar, descartar ; obstacle pasar por alto ; difficulty sortear accusations that customers' interests were being swept aside acusaciones de que se estaban pasando por alto los intereses de los clientes sweep away.
She swept the crumbs off the table with her hand; The wave swept him overboard; Don't get swept away by ( become over-enthusiastic about) the idea!; She swept aside my objections.
Sweep up vt sep leaves, rubbish balayer vi balayer sweep vb: pret, ptp n to give the floor a sweep den Boden kehren or fegen ; the chimney needs a sweep der Schornstein muss gekehrt or gefegt werden ( chimney sweep) Schornsteinfeger (in) m(f), Kaminkehrer.Te han deshollinado la chimenea recientemente?Sweep the board (in gambling) to win all the cards or money to win every event or prize in a contest noun.I Blame People Who Blame the Media: Robert McCullochs Tone-Deaf Speech.(transitive) to direct (the gaze, line of fire, etc) over; survey.She gave the room a sweep.The Sun (2014)They paint the grand sweep of history.(intransitive) to extend gracefully or majestically, esp in a wide circle: the plains sweep down to the sea.( with broom, brush ) barrido m, barrida f the floor/the kitchen could do with a sweep al suelo /a la cocina le hace falta un barrido or una barrida to give sth a sweep darle un barrido or una barrida a algo.Contents sweep verb (clean thesaurus: synonyms and related words sweep verb (move thesaurus: synonyms and related words sweep verb (WIN).