what is voucher in tally in hindi

Marico Industries Distributor Application Software(midas which is an ERP to capture "Secondary Sales" data for Marico Distributors, is integrated with.
Data from MySQL database can be migrated to P 9 using these tools by writing simple SQL queries and deseret book coupon code august 2017 XML tags.All the vouchers along with statutory information like Excise and VAT can be easily migrated into.Account inf ledgeralter, here for delete ledger press Alt aws associate exam voucher d then press enter and enter.Financial related details are integrated with.Udaan, software provided by Britannia to its super stockist to track the sales, is integrated with.Details include Vehicle Sale, Purchase and Receipts.The data comes directly from Oracle View and gets raffle tickets with stubs posted in Tally.Mapping, automatic ledger creation and transaction/master data migration are handled by these tools.There are following items in delivery.Mapping can be done on the product itself and this uses excel as interface for migration.
After writing both items, then accept this delivery voucher.
In sale voucher, you have to write same delivery note.Data from Honda Delite gets transferred to P with complete customer and vehicle details for Workshop Sales.Will automatically be linked when you will pass the sale voucher entry in future.Write detail of order of sale.CoreStocky, A distributors ERP used by Stockiest, Distributors, Wholesalers and distributors of multi-company products developed by Botree, which is used as DMS, is integrated with P 9 with these tools.After this you will see light yellow pop up screen.VistaDB which is an embedded database engine for Visual Studio.Net developers, is integrated with P 9 which allows easy data migration.This is featured article.This utility is also useful to migrate data from any other application to P 9 using Excel as the intermediate stage.Delivery challan is the simple receipt of delivery of goods which is made by P 9 after passing the inventory voucher of delivery note.