wheelie contest drag racing

On Gregs last run, the landing was more than the front axle could deal with, folding the left front wheel under the car on impact.
On his first run, Chris hit his wheelie bars so hard he unloaded the tires and came crashing down, dislodging his Endura bumper and springing the hood.
Midwest Chassis hooked up the suspension for.
Once in the air, look to the left to avoid hitting the retaining wall and keep your foot on the floor.If the axlehousing rotates too far past zero pinion angle or the axle wraps and unloads, the car is going to come crashing down.Brians clips have more that 9 million views, hes been seen in Car Craft for the last six years and on the.He won Most Photographic Wheelie, a title that cost him around 22,000 to repair.Flat-out took the prize with all four wheels off the ground.Ill be coming back for sure.Byron Dragway, byron, IL 815/398-1060 m,.And Down.Most drivers use a big shot of nitrous or an extremely loose torque converter to get the car to bring the nose.Greg brought his 63 Chevy II Gasser back to Byron to see if he could have as mozy business promo code much fun as last year.On the first weekend of October, masses of like-minded people invade Byron, Illinois, looking for excitement and carnage.
Normally, Brian would go up with a fast, hard launch.
Drissel from Kenosha, Wisconsin, in his 86 Mustang.
From an incredible 1/8 mile wheelstand to cars on two wheels (and not the back two) to bumper dragging, K-member slamming, and outright destruction, the Byron Wheelstand competition had a little bit of it all.In the early years, sparks from a bumper-dragging wheelstand made you The Man.This is our favorite.Once the car begins to lift, it is important that the suspension angles are correct so the instant center moves toward the front of the car, rotating it around the center of gravity.If he put a wheelie bar on his car it would have to be mounted like a curb feeler.Jasons Mustang left the line in a beautifully controlled manner.After all, its happened before.Rob had some decent hang time in that position before the car came crashing down.He puts on a great show, speed-shifting the Chevy II with the bumper dragging and sparks shooting everywhere.