will i get tax return

I used turbo tax online to actionvoip recharge by credit card file my taxes and chose to direct deposit, but the deposit went to Santa Clara Bank then to my account.
This is due to waiting for the document to make its way through the Postal Service system, as well as longer processing times for paper tax forms.
You then take off the deduction for joint married claim and any children.
Now write down your income, joint if it needs to be, on section 7, 15, 21 and.I'm filing my 2011 Tax return and I'm really confused as to how it works.When contemplating the arrival date of your state tax refund, you should also consider when you submitted your state tax return.This will work out roughly how much you will receive back on your income tax return.I know that you get some taxes back that were withheld from your paycheck.Other solutions, will leave my company and work abroad, how much of 401K taxes can I get back when I do the Tax Return in 2012?Related Q A: Just Added.I live in NC, I am married, we are filing jointly, my wife does not work, and we have a kid.Answer: In this country tax return forms are sent out in April (if at all).I have since stopped working there and i did pay tax during my time there.
What will happen with my tax?
When your refund will arrive you must first take into account how you sent in your state income tax return.If you are curious about where your state refund is, and you feel you have waited an appropriate amount of time, try calling or emailing your states department of taxation.Answer: When the IRS deposited your refund, they deposited into the Santa Clara Bank as you noted, then that.When sould I expect my rebate?I didnt get given a tax form to fill out when i started my new job.System many state government websites also provide a way for taxpayers to find out when they can expect receive their state tax refund).Hiring an accountant is not as expensive as you may think and they are qualified to keep all of your affairs in order so that you will never file a late tax return again and if it is believed that you are owed tax back.Much like the IRSs online tool (known as the Wheres My Refund?