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A half of the main supporting surface on an aircraft, confined to one side of it the full span of the main supporting surface on both sides of an aircraft auto sweep facility in idbi bank an aircraft designed as one complete wing a position in flight formation, just to the.A part of a building that is subordinate to the main part.Furnished with wings: winged god, winged horse.To cause to fly or move swiftly: to wing an arrow.Use Pulldown Menu For Your Country.On the wing flying travelling about to leave.After humble beginnings in the San Francisco Bay area with the name Bay Area Road Runners, a merger and several name changes later, the club developed into an organization exclusively for the special nascar-bodied vehicles (ie: Daytona, SuperBird, 1969 Charger 500, Ford Talladega and Mercury.Depeche Mode Global Spirit Tour 2017 Mp3.Classic Myths Mary Catherine Judd It was because of her loss that she paid no attention to the winged bolt of the sky.To be under (someone's) wing "protected by (someone is recorded from early 13c.