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This is one of the most common mistakes companies make when running Instagram contests.
Some popular options include: These tools are great because theyre specifically built for photo contests, including hashtag integration.
Instagram is all about being visual, even when it comes to contests and giveaways.Use UGC for Entries, related Articles, speaking of entries, you have a few different options for how people will enter your contest.Screenshots were taken October 2017.While it isnt common for Instagram contests to be flagged for a minor issues, you still want to err on the side of caution.Your contest graphic needs to be engaging and eye-catching.The hashtag changes each year, but #TIUbikiniseries2017 is a lovely example of posts.While this isnt as in-depth of entry requirements as other contests, it still required users to participate in some way.Does your company have low or no bandwidth to sort through hundreds of more in-depth entries?Entries that are submitted after January 23rd will not be considered.Check out these live Photo Contests #ACMooreInspired #NoFlavorLikeHome Giveaway [email protected] Bilderwettbewerb, cameron's Coffee Contest: Mug Love, capezio Dancer Model Search.General conditions System76 is not responsible for late or misdirected entries, or entries that are unseen due to contestants privacy settings.
Once winners confirm acceptance, we will publicly submit a winners list via System76 social media pages on January 26th.
You have to make it clear that your contest is not sponsored by or associated with children's place 30 off coupon code 2013 Instagram.That way when you promote your Instagram on your website or other social networks, the branding is consistent. .A week leaves enough time for people to discover and enter the contest.(Stock photography used in artwork is approved for use - but not as stand alone submission pieces.) *Friends sharing, liking, or voting for your posts and/or submissions that contain social engagement may help your chances of winning.Make the Contest Fun Avoid running Instagram contests for no reason.Here are a couple of important highlights: Your contest must include rules, terms and eligibility requirements.All of the photos will grow the amount of user generated content (UGC) your brand has on Instagram.